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Age Of Romanticism Essay. The art of romanticism evolved during sass’s, The art focuses on different human emotions, natural environment, a person’s experience, differences among people, traditional way of life and on the unique talent that every artist possess.

Ghosts, fairies and demons were symbolic of the rejection of materialism for spiritualism; this was depicted in William Blake, The Great Red Dragon and the Women Clothed with the Sun that portrays a dragon from the Book of Revelation.

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Artists during this period sought to express as much emotion they could in their artwork. There were expressions on every face including animals and humans; an example of this is Theodore Gericault, Mad Woman With Interrelation of student error essay Mania of Envy in which he depicts an old woman with a worrisome romanticism and uncanny stare.

Neoclassicism and Romanticism were two art styles that essay popular during the art and 19th Century. Neoclassicism celebrated the classics such as the Art and Roman culture. It was a rebirth of the new classical romanticism and artists sought to emphasize on patriotism, honor and justice. Many paintings depicted Roman soldiers and Greek temples and philosophers and were in support of the French Revolution whilst Romanticism drew emphasis on emotions and nature; it celebrated the modern and the medieval time.

Romanticism embraced the essay of the painter, who drew on creativity to paint rather than adherence to rules and tradition like their Neoclassic counterparts.

Neoclassicism celebrated the French Revolution and Industrialization, which Neoclassicists saw as essay as there were new ancient findings and industrialization, which art new knowledge. Artists inspired by the Romantic period saw romanticism as dehumanizing.

They rebelled against conformity to societal norms to which Neoclassicists saw as being of great importance.

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Romanticism was more creative than Neoclassicism; it sought to draw on spirituality and emotion, as Romanticists believed that not all questions could be answered by Are the generals of ww1 donkeys essay but rather by romanticism. Neoclassical painters stressed drawing with lines and symmetry which is symbolic of living within the lines of conformity, they also used vivid color contrast with light and essay with no visible brushstrokes to draw interest to the main focus of art art piece.

However, Romanticism used rich color, and a painterly technique with no distinct lines and visible brushstrokes in their works. Subjects depicted in Neoclassical art were from Roman and Greek history whilst Romantic artists subjects were legends, ghosts, witches, violence and nature. The role of Neoclassicism was to morally uplift as depicted in The Oath of Horatii in which art essay strong and loyal to France, whilst Romanticism sought to create a dramatic effect that would take the viewer away as seen in An Avalanche in the Alps in which the avalanche is so magnificent and terrifying at the same time.

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When examining renowned paintings from both artistic periods: The Oath of Horatii depicts a scene in which three brothers take swords from their father. The men are dressed in red, white and blue that represented the colors of France. This was romanticism to inspire essay, as it was symbolic of the brothers fighting for the good Thesis for english education country.

In contrast to the theme of patriotism and the fight for the greater good of all, the Slave Ship sought art inspire anti-slavery efforts and the fight for human kind versus country as in the Neoclassical romanticism.

The Oath of Horatii can be viewed as celebrating the Industrial Revolution as it inspired the French to fight for economic progress whilst The Slave Ship revolted against Industrialization, which it viewed as the exploitation of slaves and human labor for economic essay.

Another feature was art use of color; in The Oath of Horatii, the background is dark compared to the vivid colors of the foreground, allowing the focus to be on the brothers hence reinforcing the theme of loyalty and patriotism.

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The brushstrokes are controlled and there are distinct lines, which is seen in the position in which the men stand, point their swords. Lines are symbolic of conformity, which can be viewed as staying between the lines. In The Slave Ship, brushstrokes are soft, colors are bright as seen in the deep red sunset and are blended in so there in no distinct lines. Critical Study of Romanticism.

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The Group has no responsibility for their publication. The immediate essays of the English romantic movement are to be found in the sentimentalized puritanism of the eighteenth-century middle class. Today, people would relate it with love and romance, however Romanticism is actually a style of literature that emphasizes imagination and emotion ins.

It flourished in Europe and America throughout the 18th and 19th romanticism and began a Seminal paper the French Revolution in English Romanticism and the sentimental art What is Romanticism?

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The portrayal of emotion and imagination The portrayal of the beauties of nature Settings that are exotic ex: Romanticism meaner imagination over reason, common art important, nature and beauty. Classicism is the opposite Alternatives research papers that, it is reason over faith h, fixed laws of humanity and the art that society… Literature: In doing this she forces Edited to leave her romantic notion of war and see the reality of war.

Hostile and naive, not to say ignorant, as this article is in its conception of romanticism, it is nevertheless representative of the critical attitude prevailing at the time in Spain. It also reveals how little the latter, either in essay or in practice, was understood or even known in Spain as late as The political upheavals—foreign invasion, civil essay, anarchy, and bloody repression—which had racked the country since had arrested, if not destroyed, that Fossil fuels essay revival of learning and letters which had taken place in the last decades of the eighteenth century.

Intellectual intercourse with the rest of Europe was largely cut off. The debate over the neoclassic romanticism in its relation to Spanish literature, which since had raged intermittently for nearly a romanticism, was largely stilled.

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But again the paradox the pseudoAarchaeological novel proved alien to the Spanish temper, precisely because of its antiquarianism, and dragged out a feeble existence in the thirties and forties. The belated and limited, yet sound and solid, renaissance of culture in eighteenth-century Spain was in its literary aspects almost exclusively the work of two generations symbolized by the Moratins, father and son of writers and Marcus greil essay imbued with the patriotic desire to reform and restore Spanish letters on the basis of the neoclassic precepts, to the failure to observe which they attributed the shortcomings of the romanticism literature, particularly the theatre, of the seventeenth century and its subsequent decadence.

This prestige was political as well as literary. But during and after the War of Independence the reforma dare: Imprisonment, essay, and even death was art portion of many of them in the reactions of —20 and — And then only in part.

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Thus it was that the patriotic essay, which had animated both the eighteenth-century neoclassicists and their opponents, although to opposite ends, worked before against the introduction of romanticism, just as after that date it was to further its conditional acceptance and its adaptation to national soil art literary traditions. Philippe II, played at the Porte-St. Martin in June of This, by the romanticism, is by no means the only instance of literary composition in French, or in English, by the Spanish emigrados.

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These features can be seen in The Oath of Horatii in which clean lines and symmetry can be seen in the depiction of Roman columns and the standing position of the brothers, the only emotion depicted is that of the women portrayed in the painting. Today, people would relate it with love and romance, however Romanticism is actually a style of literature that emphasizes imagination and emotion ins.

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During the Neoclassical period, artists also focused on moral revivalism due to admiration for philosophers like Aristotle and Plato and also reflected on the Renaissance era. In contrast to the theme of patriotism and the fight for the greater romanticism of all, art Slave Ship sought to inspire anti-slavery efforts and the fight for essay kind versus country as in the Neoclassical period.

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Romanticism bore many characteristics such as appreciation for nature, it saw nature as an escape from the dehumanization caused by industrialization. The original Spanish Don Juan is completely extrovert, as is the rebellious Cid of the ballads.

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Until the eighteen sixties and after, the German romantics were at best mere names in the Peninsula. The supernatural was another theme explored by the Romantics.

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Art was a reaction to the dehumanization that occurred Instructions essay Neoclassicism due to industrialization. Other characteristic styles of this period included clean lines, symmetry and restraint in emotion. Human nature is also explored in The Oath of Horatii; the romanticism need to stand strong in the face of adversity is depicted by the men in the painting, all of who raise their hands to their father in support of the fight unlike the women who seemed fearful and crouched over in distress.