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Assignment2 cost classification pricing - Assignment 2: Price Analysis for the Navigation System | CourseMerit

According to Maher, L. (), cost classification refers to the separation of different expenses in various categories. The classifications of costs are required for any firm in order to accurately track and account for the allocation of varies types of cost categories. For Hawk-eye, cost classification is crucial since it plays an important part in determining the price of the navigation system.

Cost Classification & Pricing Essay

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3 Types of Manufacturing Costs (Direct Materials, Direct Labor, Manufacturing Overhead)

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Comparable to the price sold to the Federal Government The Federal Government usually engages into costs with organizations to establish prices of products that the government is interested in buying. Similarly, the expectations of potential customers should be considered as well. Reasonable cost Reasonable cost refer to the classification that given its quantity and nature and is comparable pricing what any other reasonable company will incur provided it is in the same Assignment2 and operating under similar circumstances Thomas,

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For example, the price shall be inclusive of manufacturing, marketing, research and development expenses.